Cunning linguist

January 18, 2006

Well the first day of our summer school wasn’t quite as bad as I expected. Oh the classes were terrible, just as I thought they would be, but none of the students quit, or committed suicide, or spontaneously combusted. That’s good I guess. I’ve been sitting here for like 8 hours trying to decide what to do for tomorrow’s lesson. Ok that’s not entirely true, I probably spent at least an hour on homestarrunner.com.I’ve also been slightly distracted by the fact that Monica’s birthday is tomorrow. I haven’t seen her in a few days, I guess I’ve been avoiding her, thinking that the less she sees me the less times she’ll be reminded that we can barely speak to each other. My best friend Chris’ birthday was today but I’m slightly less concerned about that since he’s probably less likely to sleep with me if I buy him a nice present.

I’m thinking of giving her one of the paintings I bought at Pan Jia Yuan. It’s a beautiful piece, I’m sure most girls would love it, the problem is that she works in an art gallery, so it might not be special for her. Oh well it’s special to me, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

I’ll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow so you can finally get a look at her and see what all the fuss is about.


One comment

  1. im sorry to hear you’ve been ill, as i am that you refuse my friendship Come on http://tropaadet.dk/raymondhoward90397081845

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